Avacado, Mushroom and Olive Pizza

Avacado, Mushroom and Olive Pizza

Often pizza is simply made from what there is in the house at the time. Avacadoes are coming into season and I love them on pizza. But they can get a bit cloying in the mouth, so they need to have something to balance the mouth feel. Usually it is the salty component that provides this balance - and in this case I had some cracked green olives that did the trick.

My other ingredient was mushrooms. It is important to have juicy, fresh mushrooms that will still be tasty and have some body after the heat of the cooking. If your mushrooms are a bit old and sad, try frying them up with a bit of butter and garlic first and then spread the mixture on the dough.

And for the first time, last night, I used a Turkish Pepper Paste. It is about the same consistency as tomato paste and the flavour is somewhat the same - but different enough to make this pizza a new favourite. See what you think.

Cooked avacado, mushroom and olive pizza

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