Baked Beans Pizza

Don't tell Nonna about this one, please!

Don't tell Nonna about the baked beans pizza

This one started out as a joke. "Jim made a baked beans pizza," my husband said. "But you could do it better than he did."

Well, of course I could. But the questions were "Did I want to?" and "Why would I want to?" And I left the comments to fall away in to the nothingness that is a bad suggestion that you don't want to act upon. All you other married people will know that such suggestions are never so simply ignored. Like everything that can never be unsaid, the idea hung around, mentioned occasionally, but never forgotten.

Jim, it would seem, simply up ended a tin of baked beans over his bought pizza base, sprinkled it with cheese and baked it. If I was going to address the challenge I would have to do something better. We all know that real baked beans are quite different from those we buy in a tin. Real baked beans are cooked slowly over a long time, with pork and bacon and capsicums and onion and garlic and sweetened with nice things. My attempt had to be a balance between 'real baked beans' and Jim's pizza.

So I made my dough my usual way. I used a Pepper Paste as my sauce and sprinkled it with some chilli flakes and some dried herbs. Onto that I spread the tin of beans and some cheese. I also added sliced capsicum and some finely chopped bacon as the top layer. I wanted the capsicum and bacon to cook well and slightly caramelise to provide the sweetness I was looking for.

You'd have to agree that it looked good.

Baked Beans Pizza

I was giggling so much at the whole idea that the photos of the cooked pizza are too shaky to publish here. It looked as good as any cooked pizza when I took it out of the oven.

But overall I wasn't happy with it. The taste was OK, as you would expect with all the regular pizza toppings. It was the texture of the beans that I didn't like. I am not sure what to do about it. There is nothing I can do about the texture of beans - they are what they are. My husband liked it. He wants me to try again. I probably will, but need to think about it for a bit first. Suggestions are welcomed.

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