Capsicum and Pancetta Pizza

Home-made Pizza

I was looking for a second set of toppings to use on a thin crust pizza when we had a guest on pizza night recently. I'm not usually a fan on thin crust pizza, but this was a time for experimenting and sharing when there was not a lot in the cupboard or garden.

Getting the combination of toppings right is part of the secret to great home made pizza, and getting the quantity right is the other part.

And it was a challenge for me with the thinner crust.

Home-made Pizza

I used a straight tomato paste for the sauce because I wanted the very strong tomato flavour to come through. I had half a capsicum that I sliced finely lengthways and spread over top of the cheese. Then I topped it with some large-ish pieces of pancetta. The shop has taken to cutting all its coldl meats a bit thicker than they used to. I was a bit hesitant when I saw the pancetta, but was in a bit of a rush and did not argue. I bought just enough for my pizza need and left. As it turned out, the thicker pancetta was the right thing. It has a bit more fat so took longer to cook and therefore did not burn.

This was the second pizza that night. It cooked better than the first because I was bale to leave the oven closed for longer periods. I was reasonably pleased with my firt effort with thin crust and will try it again soon enough. What I need to learn is to experiemnt by changing only one thing at a time. But life's too short for that!

Home-made Pizza

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