A Corn Pizza? Really?

Home-made Pizza

I like a challenge. I guess that's lucky.

Like my Potato Pizza making a pizza with corn as the main ingredient breaks the food rules. A carbohydrate topping on a carbohydrate base doesn't seem to make sense. And it would be easy to make a mess. I used tinned creamed corn for this creation.

And during construction, it does not look good!

This homemade corn pizza had better taste better than it looks!

One of the challenges of making pizza is getting the ingredients you want on to the base without them burning during cooking or overpowering the total taste. You see, I love garlic. And I wanted to include garlic in this home made pizza. And garlic can burn easily and become bitter. You don't want that. EVer.

So I chopped it up reasonably fine and mixed it in with creamed corn. I added some grated parmesan cheese that was drying out in the fridge now that there is no basil in the garden (but that's another story).

Adding bacon give flavour to your homemade pizza

My salty ingredient this time was bacon. I have always like bacon and had never really given it much thought. But on a recent holiday to New Zealand, we met travellers from the US who had fallen in love with the bacon. What was ordinary to us was extraordinary to them. So if you can't get our kind of bacon, I guess it doesn't really matter much. What is important is that it provides the saltiness in the flavour profile of the pizza. You could use anchovies or salami or olives. Just don't use too much of them, OK? I don't want your doctor on my doorstep complaining about your high blood pressure!

Marinated artichokes added a serve of vegetables to my home made pizza

My mother always said that I had to eat my vegies. And I do. To make sure that I had one more serve of vegetables today, I added marinated artichokes (drained, of course) to the pizza. Sprinkle with cheese, and into the oven.

The final product - a delicious homemade pizza

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