A Classic Homemade Margarita Pizza

With a few variations

Home-made Pizza

A classic margarita pizza is the most simple of pizzas. A topping of tomatoes and herbs and a little cheese to tie it all together.

But how to do the tomatoes?

A really simple way is to simply use tomato paste or a tomato sauce. Just open the jar and pour or spread.

I also like slicing my tomatoes thinly and then layering them on a tomato sauce base.

I find that I have to be careful when eating it because the tomato holds it's heat for a long time, so when the crust of the pizza is ready to eat, you can still burn your mouth on the tomato.

The last time I made a margarita I changed my strategy somewhat.

Luscious tomatoes are the secret to a good classic margarita pizza

I used my trusty mandolin to julienne my tomato. Not an easy task. Its summer and the tomatoes are ready by the arm load. This year I grew ones called Oxheart. They are heavy and meaty and full of flavour.

If you have to use other tomatoes for this method, you might consider letting them drain for a while before you use them. Too much moisture will make your dough soggy and take longer to cook.

I mixed the julienned tomato with mixed dried herbs, some finely chopped bacon and some cheese before spreading it out on the prepared dough.

I have a couple of pizza recipes where I use this method of combining all the ingredients prior to spreading on the dough. I find that this means that the topping cooks evenly. I don't get the look of different ingredients, but that is not always my intention. I don't get any complaints!

Home-made Pizza

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