Mushroom and Pesto Pizza

Home-made Pizza

A couple of weeks ago I tried a Mushroom pizza that wasn't up to my expectations. This one was the result of my thinking about how to improve it.

For my previous effort to create a mushroom pizza, I had loads of different kinds of mushrooms that I lightly fried in butter to soften. I made pizza by spreading the cooked mixture on a white base and adding some cheese. While it tasted alright, it was a bit dry. And it needed a sauce to hold it all together.

There's lots of basil in the garden at the moment, so Pesto seemed to be the logical choice. And it worked. I threw on a few olives as well. I truly believe that pizza has to have a salt taste component.

Home-made Pizza

Nothing is ever perfect, though, and true enough, I was not content to change just one thing at a time to see what the effect would be.

We had a guest on pizza night, so I thought I would experiment with the dough. I usually like thick crusts, but my idea was to experiment with a thin crust. I made the same amount of dough with the aim of making two thin crust pizzas. I added 2 teaspoons of sugar to the dough mix to try to make it crisp up a bit at the same time.

Home-made Pizza

Yes I achieved a thin crust and yes it was a touch more crusty than it would have been without the sugar. I had lost concentration on what I was doing while I was talking to my guest and forgot to put the dough back into the oven for a few minutes between getting it on the tray and putting toppings on it. I find that these few minutes warms up the dough enough so that the cooler topping ingredients don't cool it all down too much.

There was also the added complication of not having the oven hot enough in the first place and the opening and closing while I preheated the tray for the second pizza and got it away as well.

All those issues aside, the Mushroom and Pesto pizza tasted great and there were no leftovers.

Home-made Pizza

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