Home-made Pizza

Mushroom, Chorizo and Artichoke Pizza

It's the middle of winter and the short days and cold nights are perfect for making pizza at home.

And it's the time of year when you should be using all the preserves that you made when the seasons were bounteous (is that a word? It is now!)

I will admit that I have not made any preserved artichokes in my life. I was once given a bag full of fresh ones. I did my research and cooked them and peeled them according to the instructions. But they weren't so nice. They were still hard and bitter. I probable won't do that again.

Homemade Mushroom, Artichoke and Chorizo Pizza

I live a couple of hours away from a canning factory that has a wholesale / retail outlet. Not only can I get discounted job lots of the fruit and vegetables they process in their factory, I can also get job lots of other produce that the company imports. I can't go there expecting to buy certain things, I just have to pick from what is on offer on the day. Marinated artichokes were among the haul last visit.

And I love chorizo. I live the spiciness of the sausage, and the fattiness of it. I like that when I use it on a pizza, it manages to surprise me when I eat it. I think that is because we are so used to salami, or Italian origin preserved meats, that we don't expect to get much else. You can tell that I don't frequent those chain pizza restaurants that create meat lover's pizza with minced (ground) beef. Yuk!

One of my winter favourites is mushrooms. They are so versatile. When I use them on pizza, I try to slice them rasonably thickly (about 5-7 mm). I find that at that thinkness, they cook but do not dry out. There's nothing worse than an over dry sliced mushroom on a home made pizza. I mention on my Mushroom and Pesto pizza that if my mushrooms are a little 'old' then I fry them up in a little butter and herbs to freshen them up before they go on top of the dough.

A perfectly cooked homemade pizza

Have I ever told you how long I cook a home made pizza for? Well, there's no time limit. I rely soley on my sense of smell. When a home made pizza is ready, your nose will tell you. In fact the whole neighbourhood will know that your pizza is ready - it smells so good. When it smells good, it is ready.

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