Pumpkin and Onion Pizza

Home-made Pizza

Making the best of what you have available

I wasn't sure that I was going to make pizza at home this week. I've been on my own for a few days and I started to think that it was all too much trouble to make pizza for one.

I'm pleased that I put that silly notion to bed! I simply used half of my normal quantities for the dough. I still used my normal sized pizza trays, but kept the base a smaller size. It worked for me.

You will have noticed that I like being able to use what I have handy for my pizzas. So I looked at what I had and thought about what would go together. I had a piece of butternut pumpkin, red onions and lots of garlic.

Pumpkin pizza ready for the oven

I peeled and sliced the pumpkin thinly - about 2mm, and did the same with the onions. When I make my potato pizza, I part cook the potato to make sure it is cooked when the pizza is ready. I didn't think I'd have to worry too much about that with the pumpkin because it usually cooks fast anyway. I had some leftover garlic butter, so I melted that and tossed the pumpkin and onion through that to coat the vegetables and ensure that they crisped up during the cooking process.

But you know that I like a combination of flavours and these two on their own would be a bit bland for me. So I made up a mixture of crushed garlic, chopped chilli, a little salt and chopped sage with some olive oil. I spread this mixture over the pizza base before I layered on the vegies.

The advantage of experimenting when you are home alone is that if you end up with a mess, or something inedible, you can always toss it and have toast instead. No toast for me last night! I think there are a few variations I can make to this recipe and I will be trying them out on the rest of the family in the weeks to come.

Homemade pizza ready to eat

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