Home-made Pizza

Homemade Zuchinni Pizza

Or what to do when you are sinking in overgrown squash

Every Spring we have an argument at home about how many zucchini plants to grow for summer. I favour one or two, but I lose out and we plant at least half a dozen.

I love giving away my excess produce, but at the time that the zucchini are ready so is everyone else's and there's always way too much. Nothing ever goes to waste in my house, so the worst case scenario is that they end up as chook feed and I then use the eggs.

Last year, I was determined to find as many ways as possible to use the zucchini or preserve it so that none of it was eaten by any other animal but ourselves. And so, the zucchini pizza was born.

The harbingers of summer - sunflowers.

I grated the zucchini and let it drain for half an hour. I will also admit to squeezing whatever juice I could out of it as well. I wanted a mixture that was on the drier end of the spectrum so that I could add ingredients that had moisture in them.

I added grated cheese, ground chilli and finely chopped bacon and mixed this until all the ingredients were well combined.

Spread that out on the pizza dough and bake.

You will end up with a golden crust of vegetables over a crisp evenly baked dough.


You could use anchovies or salami instead of bacon. And I have also added a basil paste to the mixture for a variation. I simply crush basil leaves with some garlic and olive oil in my mortar and pestle then add that to the grated zuchinni.

I love classic home made pizza

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